The never ending negativity, complaining, whining , or bitching about our lives seems to be in every major publication or news article across the world. Why do we fall into this mind numbing crater of what most assume life is going to be?

In some odd backwards world it is freeing for most people to believe that we have limited or no control of our lives. As a person your able to let go and just roll with the constant punches that life delivers. When a event happens your response is “well i guess it was ment to be”. We build up this internal wall that starts to shut down any feedback that may help our journey in life. We let Jobs, Parents , Lovers , and Friends put invisible limitations on our visions, goals and dreams like it was a spoken word from God himself.

Other People Limit what is possible for you. It destroys imagination and creativity that could free you from the normal 85% of negative self talk . We are the only creatures in the world that can imagine and create yet we are hindered by our thoughts that others help us shape.

Break free and find yourself , don’t ever look back.