The Road Begins Now is a statement i gave a few months ago. In the last few years i crossed off a major goal financial goal i set when i was 19. I realized that in this game of life i loved my life yet still felt like i was missing something. Knowing it wasn’t in my relationship or family i had to search out and dig deep inside myself. I discovered that helping people is my passion and knowledge is my Key. I will share my story and thoughts in hopes to add insight and improvement to others and i hope you share back with me. I promise i will only write what i know to be true or what i have experienced.

I wouldn’t say I’m a writer but would say I honestly love seeing good people get what they want in life. Seeing people achieve goals push through a rough past or be a better person .If I can have a small hand in that by a thought , personal life story or blog challenge then my time is rewarded.